How are the Service Centres managing during this exceptional time?

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2020-03-25 9:33

Many people in Finland are now working remotely due to the coronavirus situation. This includes many staff members of the Service Centres of the City of Espoo. Customers cannot spend time at the Service Centres for now except to visit the service units that are still open. The Service Centres have not suspended their operations, however, and customers can use many services remotely by phone, email or chat.

Our new Facebook series will take a look at the way this exceptional situation affects the everyday work of Service Centre employees and the services themselves.

Our first guest is Service Centre Coordinator Suvi Jäntti from the Iso Omena Service Centre:

  • Who are you and what do you do at the Iso Omena Service Centre?

I am Suvi Jäntti, Service Centre Coordinator. My task is to ensure that our everyday life runs smoothly when it comes to spaces, safety and cooperation between the service units.

  • How are the exceptional circumstances affecting your daily work?

This exceptional situation requires a lot of communications to the staff and our partners, and practical arrangements too. The greatest change is surely my location: in the future, I will work increasingly from home. And as the exceptional situation continues, I will organise some of our shared training sessions remotely. Remote meetings are something that we already have. Working from home is also a bit challenging, thanks to my four-year-old who finds it very interesting to see mom typing away on a laptop – particularly when I am trying to talk on the phone or participate in a remote meeting.

  • What would you like to say our customers regarding this exceptional situation?

As we are still adjusting our services to the current situation, I recommend that you always check our website for the newest information: Please remember that our services are not closed even though many of our units are unable to serve you face-to-face. You can use many services remotely: either by phone or online. I wish everyone endurance and patience. Some threats can also bring about new possibilities. We will make it through together.

Our first interview we are publishing also to our website. But to see the rest of the series follow our Facebook page.