Ideal social and health services: Unrushed, listening, in your native language

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2021-02-19 9:41

At the beginning of February, we asked residents of Western Uusimaa what they thought about Western Uusimaa and ideal social and health services. We received 429 responses. Many thanks to all of you!

Western Uusimaa: Room to live, without compromising on services

When we were drawing up the questionnaire, we wondered whether a Western Uusimaa identity even existed. Our respondents surprised and delighted us: as many as 45% felt that living Western Uusimaa was absolutely a part of their identity, and 37% felt it was at least to some extent.

What is the first thing that comes to mind about living in Western Uusimaa? The respondents were particularly reminded of municipalities in the area, bilingualism and Swedish-speaking, as well as issues related to the sea, nature and rural areas. Western Uusimaa is close enough to services, but nevertheless a quiet place to live that is close to nature. Many also said that the area is very heterogeneous – municipalities are different.

The best experience of social and health services: being listened to and taken seriously

Next, we asked what your best experience as a client of social and health services has been. Numerous responses described situations where the client was genuinely listened to and understood. Easy and quick access to treatment was also appreciated, and many mentioned meetings with a familiar doctor.

Sixty per cent of respondents considered the current social and health services in their municipality of residence to be of very high quality or fairly high quality. Others felt that the quality of services left something to be desired or did not know.

Ideal social and health services: I am seen as a person, not as a symptom

In ideal social and health services, our respondents want to be heard and seen as people and not just as a specific symptom, diagnosis or life situation. Friendly and meaningful interaction and service in their native language are also important.

In services, they would be delighted to have quick access to treatment near home, and perhaps also a familiar doctor or other professional. Many would also be delighted by friendly, cheerful, empathetic and warm service.

What should there be more of in the services? Time – that is, unrushed interaction and more appointments. And what should there be less of? Queuing, waiting, feeling rushed, bureaucracy and being bounced around.

Many thanks to all respondents – this is a good place from which to continue our journey

We got a lot to think about, a lot to analyse. We will continue the joint discussion on services and encounters in the Ideal Social and Health Services community, where all residents of Western Uusimaa are welcome.

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