Limited services available at Service Centres – please use remote services whenever you can

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2020-11-30 16:27

Updated 27.5.2021

Some public services at the Iso Omena and Kalajärvi Service Centres are closed or available only remotely for the time being. The reason for this is that the capital region has introduced restrictions intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

Only essential social and health services and Service Points will remain open in both Service Centres. Kela will also remain open at the Iso Omena Service Centre. Other services will either be closed completely, available remotely online or via telephone, or available on a self-service basis.

Library premises  will be opened for a maximum of half of the number of customers as of 1 June 2021. Group activity spaces and reading rooms will remain closed and self-service library activities will not be opened. Seating arrangements will be decreased in order to maintain safe distances. Other arrangements will also be made in library premises to ensure safe distances, for example at computers and copy machines. Libraries will monitor the number of customers and, if necessary, restrict access. 

Check the details on the Service Centres’ websites: 

Only visit a Service Centre if you are healthy and have to take care of essential matters 

The Iso Omena and Kalajärvi Service Centres urge customers to use online services whenever possible and only visit the Service Centres if they have to take care of essential matters. 

You may not visit a Service Centre if you have even the slightest symptoms of a common cold or any stomach symptoms. Even if you are healthy, we recommend that you run your errand as quickly as possible. Always wear a mask or a face shield. 

“If you visit a Service Centre, keep a safe distance of couple of metres from other people, wash your hands or use hand sanitiser, cough into your sleeve, and wear a mask unless you are unable to do so for health reasons,” Customer Service Manager Anna-Maija Aalto appeals to all customers. 

Events and recreational groups cancelled 

All public events and recreational groups have been cancelled at the Iso Omena and Kalajärvi Service Centres. The only exception is children’s and young people’s recreational activities to persons born in 2001 and later, which may be organised provided that special safety guidelines are followed.

The meeting rooms and work spaces at the Iso Omena and Kalajärvi Service Centres are closed for the time being. 

The aim is to resume normal services as soon as the coronavirus situation and the official recommendations so permit. 

Coronavirus advice:  

Further information 

Anna-Maija Aalto, Customer Service Manager,
tel. 040 507 9083,