More blocks of flats being built in Finnoo

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2020-11-19 9:41

The construction of two new blocks of flats is starting in Finnoo. Both blocks of flats are located in the immediate vicinity of the upcoming metro station, in Djupsundsbäcken.

T2H Rakennus Oy has already started the construction of Asunto Oy Espoon Fiini with earth-moving. The eight-storey building will feature 44 homes, which will be ready to move into in winter 2022.

An aerial photo of the new buildings.
The new buildings are estimated to be completed in late 2022. Illustration: Lujakoti.

The second block of flats is being built by Lujatalo Oy. The twelve-storey Asunto Oy Espoon Sykloni will consist of 96 homes. The estimated completion time is late 2022.

Further information on the pre-marketing of the buildings:

Espoon Fiini (in Finnish)

Espoo Cyclone

The sea, the metro and nature invite you to Finnoo

Finnoo is being developed into a reference district for sustainable development, the planning and building of which is steered by sustainable solutions. Builders exclusively chosen for the area commit to criteria that promote energy efficiency, such as measuring the energy consumption of their buildings.

By the end of the 2030s, Finnoo will have grown into a district of 17,000 residents, whose strengths are the proximity to the sea, local nature and excellent transport connections. The metro station, opening in 2023, will connect the area to the regional and national rail network.