The City of Espoo’s visual look updated to meet accessibility requirements

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2021-02-24 8:29

The most noticeable change in the update of the visuals is the new colour palette and easy-to-read fonts used in publications, which will also be used on the website, which is currently being updated.

Espoo’s goal is to ensure the accessibility required by law in all city communications. Accessibility means that as many different people as possible are able to use the services easily. Technical implementation, ease of use and clarity and understandability of content are considered in the creation of accessible communication.

“Visuality plays a major role in the implementation of accessible communication. Our new colours and fonts ensure, among other things, strong enough contrasts and good readability of the text,” says Communications Director Satu Tyry-Salo.

In connection with the renewal, graphic guidelines and the use of the City of Espoo logo have been clarified. Only monochromatic versions of the logo will be used from now on. Various language versions previously used have been abandoned, and only the Finnish-Swedish logo will be used from now on.

“Espoo’s visual look is still easily identifiable as that of Espoo, and familiar items, such as the logo and blue main colour, are still included. The updated look will gradually begin to appear in city materials, in the street view and in our electronic communications. Accessible communication benefits us all,” says Tyry-Salo.  

Espoo logo
Espoo logo.
Espoo colour palette
Espoo colour palette. website updated

The new look will also appear on the website, which is being updated. The site is currently being updated to meet the requirements of the EU Web Accessibility Directive, and the publication system is simultaneously renewed to meet today’s requirements. The updated website will be released during 2021.

The test version, or the beta version, of the updated site is already available. You have the opportunity to influence the site’s update at an early stage by responding to our beta version survey.

We are developing the new website – take our survey

The City of Espoo graphic guidelines