The Financial Clinic is helping you in the financial situation

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2021-06-04 12:51

We are on a summer break and here again from 21.8. Have a good summer!

Are your income and expenses out of balance? Are you falling behind with your rent? Do you find it difficult to repay your consumer credit? If you are concerned about your financial situation or money management, our experts in the Financial Clinic are happy to give you advice on how to start solving your situation.

The Financial Clinic’s telephone service, tel. 040 639 3944, is open to all Espoo residents every Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 without an appointment. As the service is anonymous, sharing no personal information is required.

You may ask advice about matters related to rental debt, consumer credit and enforced debt recovery, for example. We also advise you on how to balance your income and expenses. We will take care of every practical matter we can during the phone call.

Our experienced financial advisers, debt counsellors and enforcement authorities are helping you in the Financial Clinic.

Being entitled to Financial Clinic service does not require you to be an existing customer in any other Espoo service.